Before Gerald was even legally aloud to get a tattoo he was painting flash for a local tattoo shop in Richmond, VA.  The owner of the shop loved his paintings so much that he asked Gerald once he turned 18 if he wanted to apprentice to be a tattoo artist. Of course Gerald took this invitation to start his path on an amazing career.  

On August 8th, 2005 he finally got paid for his first tattoo calling that day his official tattoo anniversary.  He stayed in Richmond for just a bit longer to then moved back to his home town of New York City to really make a mark on a community that he fell in love with and wanted to be surround by the best tattoo artists in the world. Gerald started at a street shop in the Bronx for years as his first job in NYC. He worked hard to get any costumer in the door to get tattooed, but he did his dues there and learned to tattoo fast and clean.  

As his skill level got better he was offered work at well known custom shops. His portfolio became stronger and stronger with the work he loved doing from his own drawings in his "Dark Nouveau" style.  Gerald is now really making his own mark at East Side Ink and Leathernecks and becoming quickly one of the best artists in his sleek and strong style.  Working at two shops might sound strange, but he loves both of them so much he can't choose to stay at just one.  Plus, he has a different clientele from each shop which gets his name and his work out there even that much more. His clients love his work so much that they are always coming back for more, from his tiny intricate black and grey scale tattoos about the size of a quarter to arm sleeves, leg sleeves and back pieces that will make you eyes happy and you mouth drop open in awe.  Never forgetting his roots, Gerald still does paintings that he shows in galleries and people are asking for his original art as their new tattoo.  Gerald can draw you up any theme tattoo you want and make your idea even that much better and like nothing else you have ever seen.


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